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September 2023

Music published in digital and printed format

BabelScores, Paris, France


Timbral Simulation with a string quartet

2023 - ongoing

Research-Creation project

Supervised by Robert Hasegawa


Emotion Studies on daily life sounds in contemporary performance and composition

2023 - ongoing
Research-Creation project in collaboration with Yifan Huang and Christopher Keach
supervised by Stephen McAdams and Robert Hasegawa


Space as Timbre

2021 - 2023
Research-Creation project in collaboration with Pedram Diba, Jeanne Côté, Charles-Éric Fontaine, Alex Huyghebaert, Matias Perenetti-Piniagua, Éric Bourgeois, Paul Celebi, William Boivin, and Seungwoo Han
Supervised by Robert Hasegawa and Carmine Cella

Sponsored by ACTOR Project


Directing attention in contemporary music with timbre

2020 - ongoing
Research project in collaboration with Max Henry and Xiaohan Bao,
supervised by Stephen McAdams

Flute Music Notes

Epilêpsis, for solo Recorder (tenor and bass)

June 2020

Edition Tre Fontane, Germany

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